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Alan Carrington

Alan, graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences in 1981. Prior to opening the practice in Thornleigh in 1985, Alan worked at Parramatta, Nepean, Governor Phillip Hospitals, Concord Hospital, Groote Schurr Hospital in Capetown, two private practices in Calgary and private practices in Burwood and Hornsby. Alan is the principle physio who has developed a particular interest in spinal therapy. He has completed the Cyriax Orthopaedic course in the U.K, Dean Watson headache approach, Mc McKenzie back and neck approach, ergonomic principles via the school of mechanical engineering UNSW and numerous other continuing education courses. His experience includes the treatment of cervicogenic headaches (neck headaches), neck and shoulder pain and the assessment of sacro-lumbar problems and associated leg/groin pain. When necessary, Alan initiates discussion with the patients GP or specialist treating doctor to assist in the best possible outcome for his clients.

Janelle Ward

Janelle graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences in 1981 and has worked at Parramatta, Nepean, Governor Phillip ( rehabilitation hospital ) Katoomba and Concord hospitals. Overseas experience includes Groote Schurr Hospital Capetown and private practice in Calgary. Janelle has a special interest in aged care, initially developed at the aged care assessment unit at Concord Hospital and is committed to continuing education particularly in this area. Janelle initially joined Alan at Thornleigh Physio filling the need for aged care home visits and has continued the service over the past 15 years. She integrates the home visit physio with ergonomics and when necessary liaisons with the GP, Occupation Therapist or suppliers of mobility aids.